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Latest Publications

Cuba and the U.S.: The Declassified History of Negotiations to Normalize Relations, 1959-2016

Over 1,700 high-level documents on more than 50 years of secret dialogue between the U. S. and Cuba. Based on years of research, this unique set reveals the hidden history of back-channel presidential diplomacy that led to the historic re-establishment of relations in 2015.

Targeting Iraq, Part I: Planning, Invasion, and Occupation, 1997-2004

2,000+ internal documents on one of the most significant U.S. foreign policy issues of our era.  Previously secret policy records from official U.S. and British sources encompass plans for regime change, war and occupation, and the controversy over weapons of mass destruction.

CIA Covert Operations III: From Kennedy to Nixon, 1961-1974 

Part III of the CIA series takes the story from the Bay of Pigs through a chain of lesserlittle-known covert activities in Indonesia, Iraq (the Kurds), Cuba, the Dominican Republic, British Guiana, Bolivia, and more. Provides unprecedented coverage of top-level CIA deliberations along with notes of meetings with Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.


Upcoming Collection (2018)

U.S.-Soviet Relations: Reagan, Gorbachev, Bush and the End of the Cold War, 1985-1991 (Fall 2018)

This extraordinary collection includes declassified transcripts of every word the Soviet and American leaders actually said to each other in the historic summit meetings from Geneva 1985 through Moscow 1991, together with the previously secret preparatory and after-action reports from both the Russian and American sides.


For publication – 2019-2021

  • Environmental Diplomacy: U.S. Policy and Climate Change, 1981-2017
  • Targeting Iraq, Part II: Occupation, Surge, and ISIS, 2004-2017
  • Afghanistan: The U.S. War, 2001-2016
  • Operation Condor: State-Sponsored Terror in the Southern Cone
  • The President's Daily Briefs: Nixon, Ford, and Carter